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Agriculture, land and environment

Agriculture/primary industry

Almost everything we need in life such as food, clothes and energy starts with primary industries. Victoria is Australia"s main producer of mutton, lamb, dairy products and dried vine fruits. The government offers a range of careers in agriculture, fisheries and the forest industries, supporting our agricultural industries.

Property and land management

This area involves planning and managing the development and use of land in both urban and suburban settings. The Victorian Government works in partnership with farmers, land care groups, industry, catchment bodies and others to conserve our vital land and water resources and ensure they are used in ways that optimise the prosperity of communities around the state.


Careers in this area offer opportunities to work with natural resources such as water, air and land. Challenges include assessing and addressing a range of environmental factors and how they impact on plant, animal and human life.

Customer service and retail

Customer service

Every Victorian citizen is our customer, so there are many opportunities to provide the general public with information and advice through the various departments and entities.


Retailing consists of the sale and purchase of goods. As a large-scale organisation with a responsibility to the Victorian public, roles in this area are concerned with making sure that the Victorian Government spends state funds in the most effective way possible.



Administration is the backbone of any organisation. Careers in this area help to organise people and activities, supporting the management of businesses and the implementation of policies and decisions. Opportunities can range from assisting a department with filing and typing to responsibility for corporate policy and procedures.

Communications and media

Much of the Victorian Government"s work concerns the public, so communications and media are important to our ability to keep people informed about various initiatives and ensure that correct facts and figures are available to journalists and the general public.


Marketing is the process of identifying and communicating with the consumers. It includes advertising, distribution, sales and market research. Careers can involve promoting Victoria regionally, nationally and internationally as tourist destination, business development opportunity or as a great place for building a career.

Human resources (HR)

Every organisation wants to recruit talented staff and ensure that their employment conditions and training remain attractive in a competitive market. Careers in human resources include helping the Victorian Government to attract, recruit and retain employees, providing training and development programs and administering employee benefit programs.

Consulting, policy and strategy

Consulting and corporate strategy

Consulting and corporate strategy is about formulating, implementing and evaluating policies and plans to achieve the elected government"s goals for Victoria. Opportunities exist in all areas and offer variety and intellectual stimulation.

Policy advice

Often in the news headlines, policy research and development helps the Victorian Government make important decisions about the way we live in Victoria. It involves identifying the alternatives for programs or spending priorities, and recommending options on the basis of the impact they will have.

Regulatory and compliance

The Victorian Government is committed to making Victoria a fair, safe and secure place to liveand work. Regulatory compliance is about making sure that laws and regulations are enforced throughout the state. These can cover a wide range of issues such as safety at work, protecting the environment and safeguarding society.

Education and training

Education and training

Education is a top priority for Victoria"s future success. This important field includes the teaching and learning of specific skills in schools, universities, TAFEs and in the workplace. Training or professional development prepares people for careers in differ ent areas and allows them to develop skills which will benefit their employers, the Victorian economy and ultimately the Victorian community.

Engineering and construction


Engineering is extremely important to Victoria"s ability to grow and thrive. From supporting the state"s transport to improving and enhancing production and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, the range of opportunities is wide and the challenges are unique.


Victoria is growing and construction plays an important role in providing adequate transport,utilities, housing and community facilities for the expanding population. Construction projects are usually managed by a construction manager and supervised by a project manager, design engineer or project architect.

Financial services


Accountancy involves providing, analysing and measuring financial information so that the Victorian Government can make decisions about the most effective ways to allocate budgets and resources and operate in a transparent and accountable way.

Banking and economics

Banking and economics play an important role in Victoria"s prosperity. Banking professionals ensure that our finances are efficiently handled, while economics is concerned with our production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Insurance and superannuation

Insurance protects the Victorian Government against a variety of situations which could cause damage or loss. Superannuation is about helping Victorians to understand the importance of saving for retirement and the investment of superannuation contributions made by employees and their employers.

Healthcare, medical and community

Health and allied health

Allied health is about the prevention, treatment and management of illness and ensuring the wellbeing of Victorians, young and old. Allied health professionals can work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and be hospital or community based.

Medical and nursing

Looking after the health of Victorians is a key priority for the Victorian Government. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining and developing qualified professionals in a wide range of specialist disciplines.

Community services

The Victorian Government has many initiatives in place to support potentially vulnerable members of the community such as youth, the aged, people with a disability and young children.

Hospitality and tourism, arts and sports

Arts and sports

Victoria is well known for its sports and cultural heritage. From music, art, literature and performing arts to AFL, the Australian Tennis Open and the Grand Prix, there are many opportunities to supportor contribute to these areas of Victorian life.

Hospitality and tourism

A popular destination with overseas and interstate visitors, Victoria has a thriving tourist industry which contributes millions of dollars to the Victorian economy. Careers can include a range of roles in policy, hospitality, marketing and tour operations.

IT and telecommunications, science and technology

IT and telecommunications

Information technology and telecommunications are vitally important to helping the VictorianGovernment carry out its obligations to the Victorian community as effectively and efficiently as possible. Work involves the development and maintenance of computer hardware and software, and keeping government departments, agencies and entities connected by phone, email or online.

Information management

The Victorian Government creates and uses a vast amount of information in serving the Victorian community. Information management makes sure that this information is accurate, protected and efficiently distributed where and when it is needed.

Science and technology

Science and technology play a vital role in the future of Victoria. From industry to the environment, from health to information technology, we rely on talented scientists and technologists to help us develop new solutions and create new breakthroughs which will help Victoria to grow and develop.

Justice, prisons, police and emergency services

Legal and compliance

The legal and compliance profession makes sure that Victorian law is enforced and applied. It is part of theVictorian Government"s commitment to creating an equal, safe and law-abiding community.

Police and emergency services

The police, the fire service and emergency medical services (including ambulance) protect our communities and attempt to reduce loss of life or damage to health through education and preventative programs.

Prison and corrective service

Victoria operates 13 prisons (11 public prisons and two privately operated) and a number of community correctional facilities across the state. Careers in this area are concerned with the rehabilitation of offenders, prison and facilities security and the protection of the community.

Trades, services and transport

Trades and services

Skilled trades and service people are in demand every where and Victoria is no exception. The range of opportunities is considerable and appeals to those with a strong practical streak.


Victoria"s transport industry plays a vital role in connecting us with one another, but also to other parts of Australia and the world. It covers the export and import of a wide range of goods by sea, rail and road.

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