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Project manager rail signalling

Role and key duties

Project managers plan, organise, manage and coordinate a range of signalling projects.

Duties may include: all aspects from implementation through to completion with the constraints of time, budget, scope and effect on operations while ensuring construction standards with regards to safety, reliability and quality; and administering contracts on a commercial basis to ensure the organisation trades in a competitive, cost effective manner with emphasis on financial performance and safety.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Year 12 or equivalent (including VCE, VCAL or Certificate II VET sector accreditation).

Recommended qualification

Degree in a suitable professional discipline relevant to Project Management, Business Management or the Construction environment.

Job Family

Victoria"s transport industry plays a vital role in connecting us with one another, but also to other parts of Australia and the world. It covers the export and import of a wide range of goods by sea, rail and road.
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