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Marine surveyor

Role and key duties

Marine surveyors ensure that commercial vessels in Victoria maintain the required levels of safety.

Duties may include: undertaking periodic surveys of commercial vessels by conducting examinations of each vessel in accordance with the requirements of Marine Safety Victoria regarding hull structure, machinery, fittings and equipment; providing a list of any deficiencies requiring remedial action, to each vessel owner; determining if identified deficiencies have been satisfactorily corrected; upon the satisfactory correction of any deficiencies or repairs, completing a report and declaration stating that each vessel complies with the laws and regulations and is in a satisfactory condition and fit to operate; carrying out simple stability assessments on commercial vessels by performing inclining experiments and/or roll period tests; undertaking accident investigations on all types of vessels, in accordance with the powers of an inspector under the Marine Act; using communication skills to negotiate with and obtain cooperation of stakeholders to ensure that survey services are delivered effectively and within sought timelines; and providing innovative and expert advice, analysis and policy recommendations to senior surveyors and managers which lead to improvements in marine safety.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering.

Job Family

Victoria"s transport industry plays a vital role in connecting us with one another, but also to other parts of Australia and the world. It covers the export and import of a wide range of goods by sea, rail and road.
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