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Geographical information systems

Role and key duties

Geographical information systems officers deliver geospatial services including preparation of map products, mapping and spatial data analysis and GIS web systems.

Duties may include: maintaining a unique spatial database of property assets, which defines landholding and information such as leases to rail operators and private industry, title deed references for land parcels that make up the landholding and other interests in the land, e.g. licences for utilities.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Year 12 or equivalent (including VCE, VCAL or Certificate II VET sector accreditation).

Recommended qualification

Degree in a land related discipline, e.g. Survey/Cartography/Land Information.

Job Family

Victoria"s transport industry plays a vital role in connecting us with one another, but also to other parts of Australia and the world. It covers the export and import of a wide range of goods by sea, rail and road.
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