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Role and key duties

Carpenters construct, erect, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures on residential and commercial buildings.

Duties may include: constructing formwork into which concrete is poured; setting out outlines of the building on the ground of the site, using string and pegs to allow for excavations; building floors, wall frameworks (timber or metal), roofs and suspended ceilings, and laying timber floors; reading plans and specifications to determine the materials sought, dimensions and installation processes; installing metal and timber windows, sashes and doors; constructing and erectingprefabricated units, such as cottages and houses; cutting materials with hand and power tools; and assembling or nailing, cutting and shaping parts.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Year 12 or equivalent (including VCE, VCAL or Certificate II VET sector accreditation).

Recommended qualification

Apprenticeship or a Certificate III in General Construction.

Job Family

Trades and services
Skilled trades and service people are in demand every where and Victoria is no exception. The range of opportunities is considerable and appeals to those with a strong practical streak.
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