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Juvenile justice officer

Role and key duties

Juvenile justice officers work in juvenile courts or young offender courts and manage the rehabilitation of under-age offenders.

Duties may include: implementing the rapeutic programs for juvenile offenders; participating in the development and implementation of short and long term treatment plans containing components for behaviour modification, victim and community restoration, education, life skills, and substance abuse education; primary responsibility for a designated number of cases; and responsibility andaccountability for the security of juvenile justice facility buildings, residents, staff and visitors.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Diploma of Youth Work, Diploma of Community Welfare Work, Diploma of Statutory Child Protection and/or Advanced Diploma of Community Services Work.

Recommended qualification

Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Arts or Business.

Job Family

Prison and corrective service
Victoria operates 13 prisons (11 public prisons and two privately operated) and a number of community correctional facilities across the state. Careers in this area are concerned with the rehabilitation of offenders, prison and facilities security and the protection of the community.

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