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Role and key duties

Firefighters respond to fire alarms and emergency calls, and provide support in response to natural disasters such as floods and cyclones.

Duties may include: fire suppression, prevention and safety; providing a high standard of response to a range of emergency situations including fires and workplace accidents, chemical spills, etc; training and support of volunteer firefighters; emergency medical response; conducting training and education for local businesses, schools and the general community; operating communicationsequipment; training in the use of fire equipment; checking water supplies and maintenance of firefighting equipment and fire stations; and administrative duties.

Minimum qualification required

Australian citizenship or permanent residence and a current full manual driver"s licence.

Recommended qualification

There are no recommended qualifications for the role of firefighter as there are a number of tests, both paper and operational, that must be passed before being considered. Successful recruits also undergo an initial, comprehensive training process.

Job Family

Police and emergency services
The police, the fire service and emergency medical services (including ambulance) protect our communities and attempt to reduce loss of life or damage to health through education and preventative programs.

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