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Law clerk/paralegal

Role and key duties

Law clerks/paralegals perform a variety of legal tasks under the supervision of solicitors, barristers or clerks of court.

Duties may include: searching land titles to check details such as property boundaries and ownership of the property; attending settlements for the purchase or sale of land; examining contracts and obtaining information about contracts so that solicitors can proceed with finalisation; filling out legal forms and lodging them with government offices, interviewing clients and drafting clauses for contracts; undertaking company, business name, bankruptcy and other searches; and helping maintain bookkeeping records.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Certificate IV in Business with a major in Legal Studies or a Traineeship in Business(Legal Administration).

Recommended qualification

Advanced Diploma of Business with a major in Legal Studies.

Job Family

Legal and compliance
The legal and compliance profession makes sure that Victorian law is enforced and applied. It is part of theVictorian Government"s commitment to creating an equal, safe and law-abiding community.

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