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Role and key duties

Biometricians design and apply statistical techniques for collecting and analysing data to produce useful information from areas such as science, technology, medicine, business, finance and government.

Duties may include: defining precisely what is to be measured and deciding which information to collect and from where; working out the size of the sample to be tested and how the sample will be selected; deciding on the best method of collecting the information, e.g. by mail-out of questionnaires, experiments or survey interviews (telephone or face-to-face); making sure measurement resourcesare used efficiently; and interpreting the data and producing relevant statistics to describe or infer particular trends and patterns.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Science with a major in Statistics or Economics.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Science with a major in Statistics or Economics.

Job Family

Science and technology
Science and technology play a vital role in the future of Victoria. From industry to the environment, from health to information technology, we rely on talented scientists and technologists to help us develop new solutions and create new breakthroughs which will help Victoria to grow and develop.

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