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Agricultural scientist

Role and key duties

Agricultural scientists study commercial plants, animals and cultivation techniques to improve the productivity and sustainability of farms and agricultural industries.

Duties may include: acting as a consultant in the application of science to the practice of agriculture; carrying out research programs on the breeding, nutrition needs and disease resistance of plants and animals; providing technical information to farmers and commercial firms trading in agricultural commodities and produce; studying the effects of agriculture on the environment by collecting and analysing samples of soil, groundwater and plants; and carrying out experimental programs in controlled environments to develop better environmental management methods.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Agricultural Science.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Agricultural Science.

Job Family

Science and technology
Science and technology play a vital role in the future of Victoria. From industry to the environment, from health to information technology, we rely on talented scientists and technologists to help us develop new solutions and create new breakthroughs which will help Victoria to grow and develop.

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