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Web designer/developer

Role and key duties

Web designers/developers are involved in developing website content, deciding on design and functional aspects of the site and managing the image and copyrights on the website.

Duties may include: talking with clients, and discussing ideas to get a clear understanding of their requirements; developing the website content; managing the image and copyrights of the company on the internet; deciding on the design aspects of the website, such as how to use graphics, links and forms; making sure the text and graphic elements mesh together as a cohesive, eye-catching work; and developing custom programs to extend the functionality of the website.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Diploma in Information Technology or a Traineeship Certificate IV Information Technology (Websites).

Recommended qualification

Degree in Information Technology with a major in Multimedia.

Job Family

IT and telecommunications
Information technology and telecommunications are vitally important to helping the VictorianGovernment carry out its obligations to the Victorian community as effectively and efficiently as possible. Work involves the development and maintenance of computer hardware and software, and keeping government departments, agencies and entities connected by phone, email or online.

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