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Technical writer

Role and key duties

Technical writers are involved in researching and writing accurate technical documents to assist users with systems and software operation.

Duties may include: choosing themes or subjects for written work; conducting research into the subject; assembling background material and obtaining other necessary data; planning and organising material and writing the work; revising or editing the work, making sure that the style is consistent, there is proper development of the theme, plot and characterisation, and there is correct referencing; setting out the original manuscript so that it is clear and legible;and submitting work to a publisher.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Diploma in Technical Writing.

Recommended qualification

Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Technical Writing.

Job Family

IT and telecommunications
Information technology and telecommunications are vitally important to helping the VictorianGovernment carry out its obligations to the Victorian community as effectively and efficiently as possible. Work involves the development and maintenance of computer hardware and software, and keeping government departments, agencies and entities connected by phone, email or online.

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