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Heritage project officer

Role and key duties

Heritage project officers are responsible for implementing Aboriginal cultual heritage management programs and policies in partnership with local and regional stakeholders.

Duties may include: administering the legislation that protects Aboriginal cultural heritage; maintaining a Register of Aboriginal places and objects; working collaboratively with registered Aboriginal parties; processing Cultural Heritage Permits; and evaluating Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

Minimum qualification required

A tertiary qualification in archaeology, anthropology or cultural heritage management.

Recommended qualifications

Sound knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage management issues relevant to south-eastern Australia, including legislative and policy directions, Aboriginal community aspirations, current challenges and opportunities and a demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with Aboriginal people.




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Arts and sports
Victoria is well known for its sports and cultural heritage. From music, art, literature and performing arts to AFL, the Australian Tennis Open and the Grand Prix, there are many opportunities to supportor contribute to these areas of Victorian life.

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