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Fitness instructor

Role and key duties

Fitness instructors are involved in the assessment, teaching, training and supervision of a variety of people in health and fitness clubs, gymnasiums, sports centres and community recreation organisations.

Duties may include: assessing the needs and capabilities of individuals through weighing, measuring and conducting fitness tests to check blood pressure, heart rate and lung capacity; providing training and assistance to individuals and groups by preparing a routine of exercises to music; providing advice to individuals on the correct method of exercising with weightlifting equipment,exercise bikes, treadmills and other training and exercise machines; devising personal exercise programs for individuals according to age and level of fitness; and providing instruction in a variety of fitness activities.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Certificate III or IV in Fitness.

Recommended qualification

Diploma in Fitness.

Job Family

Arts and sports
Victoria is well known for its sports and cultural heritage. From music, art, literature and performing arts to AFL, the Australian Tennis Open and the Grand Prix, there are many opportunities to supportor contribute to these areas of Victorian life.

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