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General practitioner (GP)

Role and key duties

General practitioners diagnose physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries, and prescribe medications and treatment to promote or restore good health.

Duties may include: examining the patient to determine the nature of the disorder or illness, and recording the patient's medical information; ordering, performing and analysing laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic images and procedures; providing overall care for patients and prescribing and administering treatments, medications and other remedial measures; providing aid in the prevention of diseases and disorders by advising patients on diet, exercise, hygiene andgeneral health; and prescribing and administering medication and inoculating patients to prevent infectious or contagious diseases.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Medicine.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Medicine.

Job Family

Medical and nursing
Looking after the health of Victorians is a key priority for the Victorian Government. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining and developing qualified professionals in a wide range of specialist disciplines.

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