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Role and key duties

Pharmacists supply, dispense and manufacture medicines and drugs in hospitals and community pharmacies, and advise on their appropriate use. They also conduct research into the formulation, production, storage, quality control and distribution of medicines and drugs.

Duties may include: preparing or supervising the dispensing of medicines, ointments and tablets; advising patients on how their medicines are to be taken or used in the safest and most effective way in the treatment of common ailments; advising members of the public and other health professionals about medicines (both prescription and over-the-counter medicines), including appropriate selection, dosage and drug interactions, potential side effects and therapeutic effects; and giving advice on and supplying non-prescription medicine, sickroom supplies and other products.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Pharmacy.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Pharmacy.

Job Family

Health and allied health
Allied health is about the prevention, treatment and management of illness and ensuring the wellbeing of Victorians, young and old. Allied health professionals can work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and be hospital or community based.

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