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Role and key duties

Dentists diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and abnormalities of teeth and gums, undertake preventive procedures, conduct surgery and perform other specialist techniques.

Duties may include: examining patients' teeth and gums using dental equipment and X-rays; diagnosing dental conditions and planning oral health care in consultation with patients; cleaning teeth and cavities and providing preventative care; repairing decayed and broken teeth by placement of various filling materials and, when necessary, extracting and replacing teeth; treating diseases of the gums, tooth nerves and root canals; and performing surgical operations to the mouth, jaws, teeth and related structures.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Dental Science.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Dental Science.

Job Family

Health and allied health
Allied health is about the prevention, treatment and management of illness and ensuring the wellbeing of Victorians, young and old. Allied health professionals can work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and be hospital or community based.

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