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Housing services officer

Role and key duties

Housing services officers provide comprehensive information to clients on a range of services provided by the Office of Housing and other government or non-government agencies.

Duties may include: identifying and assessing client housing needs and making active referrals to support agencies and services; comprehensive assessment of client eligibility for the range of Office of Housing services; allocating properties to eligible applicants on the waiting list and conducting comprehensive sign-up interviews; visiting and working with tenants to help solve problems they might have which affect their ability to pay rent or maintain their property; linking tenants to other support service providers/advocates if sought; participating in community forums as the departmental representative and fostering an awareness of community building and sustainability; and ensuring maintenance works are carried out.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Certificate IV in Social Housing.

Recommended qualification

Certificate IV in Social Housing.

Job Family

Community services
The Victorian Government has many initiatives in place to support potentially vulnerable members of the community such as youth, the aged, people with a disability and young children.

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