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Civil/structural engineer

Role and key duties

Civil/structural engineers advise on the best engineering solution to meet a client"s needs and budget.

Duties may include: producing detailed designs and documentation for the construction and implementation of civil engineering projects; organising materials, plant, equipment and labour and coordinating site activities; successful accomplishment of works within specified time, budget, quality, safety, traffic management and environmental requirements; preparing and administeringcontracts for the construction of works; and ensuring works are carried out in accordance with the relevant specifications and technical standards with minimal disruption to the community and impact to the environment.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Civil Engineering.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Civil Engineering.

Job Family

Engineering is extremely important to Victoria"s ability to grow and thrive. From supporting the state"s transport to improving and enhancing production and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, the range of opportunities is wide and the challenges are unique.
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