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Role and key duties

Forepersons/supervisors manage the construction team and work closely with engineers to achieve efficient and high quality work on a construction project.

Duties may include: interpreting plans and estimating costs and quantities of materials needed; planning construction methods and procedures; coordinating the supply of labour and materials; supervising construction sites and directing site managers and subcontractors to make sure standards of building performance, quality, cost schedules and safety are maintained; studying building contract do cuments; and negotiating with building owners and subcontractors.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of an Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction Management.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Construction Management.

Job Family

Victoria is growing and construction plays an important role in providing adequate transport,utilities, housing and community facilities for the expanding population. Construction projects are usually managed by a construction manager and supervised by a project manager, design engineer or project architect.
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