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Vocational education and training teacher

Role and key duties

Vocational education and training teachers deliver lectures and teach vocational courses connected with industries and areas of work, to help people enter or re-enter the workforce or reskill. They teach subjects in which they have specialist knowledge and experience, such as building and construction, business and commerce, commercial photography, hairdressing, horticulture, hospitalityand tourism, music, art, science, engineering and areas of health. Some teachers teach in non-industry specific areas such as languages, literacy and general workplace preparation.

Duties may include: researching resources; preparing lessons and production of materials such as typed notes, diagrams, fashion patterns and foods for use in teaching; ordering supplies of materials to be used in teaching; teaching students in classrooms or workshops providing both theory and practical trainingthrough lectures, discussions, practical demonstrations and supervision; the assessment of students by setting and marking exams and assignments; and evaluating completed projects and carrying out administrative tasks, such as keeping student records, arranging timetables and completing other forms.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a qualification in the field of specialisation and at least two years of industrial experience.

Recommended qualification

Diploma of Vocational Educational and Training Practice including supervised teaching practice, or equivalent.

Job Family

Education and training
Education is a top priority for Victoria"s future success. This important field includes the teaching and learning of specific skills in schools, universities, TAFEs and in the workplace. Training or professional development prepares people for careers in differ ent areas and allows them to develop skills which will benefit their employers, the Victorian economy and ultimately the Victorian community.
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