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School support officer/teacher aides primary and secondary

Role and key duties

School support officers/teacher aides undertake a variety of duties which may include administrative, clerical, keyboard support, assisting with maintenance and management of stores and supplies, assisting students with disabilities, assisting teachers in the classroom and in other educational activities, and providing attendant care and assistance to students. They may work within a variety of school settings, such as offices, libraries and laboratories (science, computer, language, music or other). They may have a specific role within a single functional area of the school (e.g. administrative support in the school office) or supporting teachers in the delivery of educational programs (e.g. integration support). Work may involve giving basic technical andprocedural advice to other staff, students or parents (e.g. care in preparation of class materials).

Duties may include: assisting in preparing daily and longer term lesson plans; teaching the full range of learning areas, such as English (reading, writing, speaking and listening) , mathematics, science, technology, society and environment, creative arts, and personal development, health and physical education; developing children"s interests, abilities and coordination using creative activities such as art, music and sport; using computers to assist in lesson preparation, teaching and reporting; and developing and maintaining good working habits and discipline in classrooms.

Minimum qualification required

No requirement.

Recommended qualification

No requirement.

Job Family

Education and training
Education is a top priority for Victoria"s future success. This important field includes the teaching and learning of specific skills in schools, universities, TAFEs and in the workplace. Training or professional development prepares people for careers in differ ent areas and allows them to develop skills which will benefit their employers, the Victorian economy and ultimately the Victorian community.
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