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Koorie education coordinator

Role and key duties

Koorie education coordinators are employed in each Department of Education and Early Childhood development regional office and work in partnership with the regional leadership team, community, schools and early childhood services to develop and implement the regional plan for the Wannik Education Strategy for Koorie Students, and early childhood initiatives to improve health, development, wellbeing and educational outcomes for Koorie children and young people.

Duties may include: liaison with other government departments and community agencies to promote early childhood, school and community partnerships; developing collaborative programs and initiatives related to improving outcomes for Koorie children and young people; providing advice to central management, school networks, local government, individual kindergartens and schools; providing leadership and support to early childhood services and schools in the implementation of the Wannik Education Strategy and early childhood initiatives; and providing targetted and effective professional development for key early childhood settings, school, regional and community agency personnel.

Minimum qualification sought

No requirement.

Recommended qualification

No requirement.

Job Family

Education and training
Education is a top priority for Victoria"s future success. This important field includes the teaching and learning of specific skills in schools, universities, TAFEs and in the workplace. Training or professional development prepares people for careers in differ ent areas and allows them to develop skills which will benefit their employers, the Victorian economy and ultimately the Victorian community.
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