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Role and key duties

Consultants provide a range of advice on short and long term strategy and operations to public and private organisations.

Duties may include: gathering information on the function of each area within an organisation and the specific duties undertaken by each individual, by talking with managers or supervisors and interviewing other staff; assessing the types of tasks undertaken in each section, the methods or systems used, the length of time taken for an individual to complete a task and any problems involved in undertaking the task; consulting internal training manuals, files and job descriptions to obtain additional information; studying data such as statistical records, reports and organisational charts; and the identification of problem areas and solutions by considering alternatives, taking into account the benefits and costs of any recommendations.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in the field of specialisation.

Recommended qualification

Degree in the field of specialisation.

Job Family

Consulting and corporate strategy
Consulting and corporate strategy is about formulating, implementing and evaluating policies and plans to achieve the elected government"s goals for Victoria. Opportunities exist in all areas and offer variety and intellectual stimulation.

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