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Occupational health and safety officer (OH&S)

Role and key duties

Occupational health and safety officers coordinate health and safety systems in an organisation. They identify hazards and assess risks to health and safety, put appropriate safety controls in place, and provide advice on accident prevention and occupational health to management and employees.

Duties may include: promoting occupational health and safety within the organisation and developing safer and healthier ways of working; inspecting and testing machinery and equipment, such as lifting devices, machine shields and scaffolding, making sure they meet safety regulations; ensuring that personal protective equipment, such as dust masks, safety glasses, footwear and safetyhelmets, are being used in workplaces according to regulations; making sure that dangerous materials are correctly stored; identifying and testing work areas for potential accident and health hazards, such as toxic fumes and explosive gas-air mixtures; and implementing appropriate control measures.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Occupational Health and Safety or Health Science.

Job Family

Human resources (HR)
Every organisation wants to recruit talented staff and ensure that their employment conditions and training remain attractive in a competitive market. Careers in human resources include helping the Victorian Government to attract, recruit and retain employees, providing training and development programs and administering employee benefit programs.
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