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Human resources administrator and consultant

Role and key duties

Human resource administrators and consultants provide advice to their clients regarding the financial and retirement security, health, productivity, and internal employment relationships of their global workforce.

Duties may include: conducting analyses to determine staffing numbers, skills and needs tomeet the organisation"s objectives; analysing the skills and qualities sought for each particularjob and developing job descriptions and duty statements; advertising staff vacancies, assessingapplications, interviewing applicants, giving selection tests, preparing reports and makingrecommendations to management about staff appointments; maintaining the personal records ofemployees on matters such as wages, superannuation, leave and training; preparing associated management reports; and arranging for and conducting staff training.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Business or Human Resource Management.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Business, Industrial Relations, Management, Commerce or Human Resource Management.

Job Family

Human resources (HR)
Every organisation wants to recruit talented staff and ensure that their employment conditions and training remain attractive in a competitive market. Careers in human resources include helping the Victorian Government to attract, recruit and retain employees, providing training and development programs and administering employee benefit programs.
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