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Media analyst

Role and key duties

Media analysts analyse and evaluate messages in a wide variety of media and monitor what the public thinks about what they watch, see and read in the media.

Duties may include: reading press and broadcast coverage to a set of pre-defined criteria specific to each client; making judgements as to how favourable or detrimental the stories are to the client; developing both qualitative and quantitative research (this includes an expert understanding of the value of a range of research methods); choosing which research methods to use for a particular query; and designing and using appropriate research instruments, such as questionnaires and focus groups.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Arts, Business or Marketing.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Arts, Business or Marketing.

Job Family

Communications and media
Much of the Victorian Government"s work concerns the public, so communications and media are important to our ability to keep people informed about various initiatives and ensure that correct facts and figures are available to journalists and the general public.
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