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Brand/product manager

Role and key duties

Brand/product managers promote products or services. This can involve marketing existing products, developing new products to cater for consumer demand or developing markets for new products or services.

Duties may include: identifying and analysing an organisation"s strengths and weaknesses, and responding to opportunities and threats in the marketing environment; setting goals for market share and growth; developing and implementing appropriate strategies by selecting, segmenting and targeting markets and promoting products and services to those markets; making decisions regardingproducts, such as choosing labels or packaging; and working on developing new products.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of an Advanced Diploma or Degree in Arts, Business or Marketing.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Arts, Business or Marketing.

Job Family

Communications and media
Much of the Victorian Government"s work concerns the public, so communications and media are important to our ability to keep people informed about various initiatives and ensure that correct facts and figures are available to journalists and the general public.
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