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Wastewater services officer

Role and key duties

Wastewater services officers are responsible for management of wastewater facilities including testing and compliance processes.

Duties may include: assisting in operating designated wastewater management facilities in accordance with established procedures; collecting wastewater samples for external and/or internal analysis; assisting in testing wastewater samples in the organisation"s laboratory and recording results; and operating effluent disposal and reuse systems to comply fully with the EnvironmentProtection Agency licence conditions and allow long term environmental sustainability.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Certificate II, III or IV in Water Industry Operations.

Recommended qualification

Traineeship in Water Industry Operations.

Job Family

Agriculture/primary industry
Almost everything we need in life such as food, clothes and energy starts with primary industries. Victoria is Australia"s main producer of mutton, lamb, dairy products and dried vine fruits. The government offers a range of careers in agriculture, fisheries and the forest industries, supporting our agricultural industries.

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