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Role and key duties

Veterinarians or veterinary surgeons, (vets) are physicians for animals andpractitioners of veterinary medicine.

Duties may include: examining of sick and injured animals and performing diagnostic tests; examining tissues and samples from sick animals to identify the cause of disease; treating animals by using drugs, surgical procedures and nursing care; the vaccination of animals to prevent disease; certifying soundness for breeding and performance; and giving advice to owners and breeders on animal health and care.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of a Degree in Veterinary Science.

Recommended qualification

Degree in Veterinary Science.

Job Family

Agriculture/primary industry
Almost everything we need in life such as food, clothes and energy starts with primary industries. Victoria is Australia"s main producer of mutton, lamb, dairy products and dried vine fruits. The government offers a range of careers in agriculture, fisheries and the forest industries, supporting our agricultural industries.

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