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Livestock, crop, dairy and environment worker

Role and key duties

Livestock, crop, dairy and environment workers cultivate field crops, orchards, vineyards or market gardens and sell produce for consumption.

Duties may include: providing raw materials for industrial purposes, such as cereal for alcoholic beverages, hides for leather, maize for plastics or fuel and wool or flax for yarns and cloth-making; rearing livestock for meat, milk and other produce; assisting the works supervisor in supervision of the work group; removing willows from river banks to assist in restoring natural flow; the construction of rock structures for grade control, bank armouring and fish passage; and miscellaneous maintenance, repair and construction of embankments, flood gates, training structures and buildings.

Minimum qualification required

Completion of Year 12 or equivalent (including VCE, VCAL or Certificate II VET sector accreditation).

Recommended qualification

Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma from the Rural Production Training Package.

Job Family

Agriculture/primary industry
Almost everything we need in life such as food, clothes and energy starts with primary industries. Victoria is Australia"s main producer of mutton, lamb, dairy products and dried vine fruits. The government offers a range of careers in agriculture, fisheries and the forest industries, supporting our agricultural industries.

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